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Angry Eyebrows

Kaitlin Brows2

So, the latest thing in fashion that seems to be cropping up is big, thick perfectly arched eyebrows. I love them! I had them once, but chose to pluck what was once the perfect eyebrow into submission to look a little more like an aging, emaciated caterpillar suffering from alopecia.

Seriously, it’s almost impossible to keep up with fashion when the trends say to “Cut your Bangs!” and then two weeks later bangs suck, and everybody who fell in that fashion trap is running to the store to buy a stockpile of bobby pins, barrettes, and headbands in the hopes of getting rid of their freshly coiffed bangs.

Now, back to the eyebrows. I have done my research, gotten the online training thanks to YouTube and all those precious little darlings that love to stand in front of their mirror gazing lovingly into their iPhone while recording their two-hour training session about something I could have said in three sentences. I have also purchased the wax, the brush, the liner, the tweezers, the powder etc.

Well,  you get the idea–a lot of product, a lot of practice and yet, the reflection that continues to stare back at me in the mirror is one more of an angry, drunk pedophile than that of a supermodel.

I’m stuck. What is the secret?!!!!


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