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For the Love of Dogs


These are the words that come to my head when I think of the unrelenting passion my twin, twelve-year-old daughters share for the animal kingdom.

Now, it is no secret in my world that the sort of animal love they share is not the typical kind of love children tend to bear for creatures. It truly borderlines on, dare I say, an obsession.


What’s ours is yours!

And although they have this sense of animal kinship, they seem to be particularly captivated by none other than “Man’s Best Friend.”


I love you, Coleman.


This special affinity towards dogs is displayed regularly and with unrelenting constraint. Their love is bountiful and unsparing and at times quite annoying.

Because…with love must come ownership.

One dog wasn’t enough…now we have four.

We were (I was) happy with the two deliciously easy small Shih Tzus we had.


Ollie (baby


Boogie (mama)

BUT THEY INSISTED/BEGGED/PLEADED to get a big dog.  So we did.


Meet Coleman

But that wasn’t enough. And they just kept rescuing them.


Yeah, we did. We’re the owners.

I used to have these gorgeous, shiny hardwood floors, but now I have scratched up hairy floors. I used to have furniture and clothing with no scars. I now have to fix a cocktail just to look around the house making sure there is no new damage. (Great Excuse…hahaha!)

It’s always fun too when one of them leaves one of their special treasures.

It’s always a toss-up too; the choices are poop, pee, blood, a baby tooth, a chewed something or other that’s not supposed to be, or puke.

It’s awesome. I love my life!


Jesus take the wheel.

My girls love to create dog food, cook dog treats, train dogs, groom dogs, walk dogs–you name it. They even have a business where they do all of the things above for a small fee just so they can spend more time with dogs.

They even dress them up and put them in special poses not designed to humiliate the dog, but to have a running record of just how special they are.


I will do whatever you want me to do as long as you keep loving me.

The funny thing is, dogs adore them too.

This sacred relationship is by far, not a one-way street. These dogs will let them do just about anything to them just in the hopes of their profoundly welcomed attention.



I love my girls, I love their dogs, and in the big scheme of things, the hair, the dirt, and whatnot are just a blip on the radar screen of…our life; our big, happy life.



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