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Remember Me?


I’ve never been good with names. I can forget a name the minute it leaves the person’s mouth. In fact, it’s quite concerning to me that I can forget something that I’m still listening to.


When someone asks me “Do you remember so and so?” I typically say that I’m really better with faces, but that’s just a bold-face lie.


I’m well-aware of  the brain’s seemingly endless capacity to hold information–but to ask me to remember someone’s name is like asking me to give you a recipe in Spanish–oh yeah I could probably do that.

I love how when I’m out (minding my own business might I add) and an (obviously) overly confident person comes up to me with a big “Hey, how are you?”

The panic in my face has to be obvious too, but for some reason (like an idiot) I act like I know the person.


Sometimes the person even gives me an out with a “You don’t remember me do you?” and I still nod my head vigorously up and down.

Now why would I do that?


This certainly causes the already awkward situation to be even more awkward because now I have to pretend to listen to whatever in the world they are droning on about while I wildly search my brain folders for any stitch of information that could possibly lead me to some sort of memory of this person.

So, in the end, even though that person is clearly on to me, I complete the bogus conversation just to save face.

huh 3

Wow. Clearly, I’m winning.


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