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Drunk QVC

We all know drinking and dialing can lead to a less than desirable result, but drinking with a phone, a cocktail, and a credit card in your hand can lead to an odd arsenal of purchases all the way from fur coats to cake pops. I should know!

I can’t quite figure out my attraction to infomercials and shows like QVC, but it’s like they are selling the anecdote to an incurable disease and I’d be a fool not to buy it. A fool I say! Pair that with a few trips to the liquor cabinet and some time to myself and they could sell me just about anything.

Let’s face it. These people are soooooo persuasive, and they seem to be reading my every thought because they have the answers to some of my most annoying “life” problems. So, to ask me to let them charge my credit card for the next 26 months sounds perfectly acceptable.

Now I like me some infomercials and some QVC, but intoxication takes this relationship to a whole new level. I realize all the things that could change my life.  Here are just a few of my life-saving purchases.

photo 1  Doesn’t steam a damn thing, but it will take the first three layers of skin off.                photo 3 Thank goodness for all the pieces because I can never find any of them.             photo 4 I bought four (not one but four ) of these boxes of cake pop pans.  How could I possibly function without four cake pop kits?

photo 2 This is Rachel Zoe —heeeellllllooooo!                          Bare-MineralsDon’t get me started. Complete mess.

meaningful_beautyMeaning it’s like any over-the-counter anything.

wen-hair-productsInstructions are to use just about  an entire bottle for one shampoo-no lather achieved.

How did I ever live without these things?


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