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HSN Shopping…No Shower Necessary

There is something about the Home Shopping Network that makes me feel like I’ve been missing things all my life.

I feel the need to have these things and buy these things after watching these hot messes demonstrate and talk about how wonderful these things are.

Eyelid 1

She’s got the hood.

The Lids By Design, for example, is amazing.

In fact, the lady just said it’s like a push-up bra for the eyelid.

I want that.

They say this gets the hood.

I’m starting to get the hood.

I don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for surgery either.

I can just get this Lids By Design strip from HSN.

Oh and there’s only 10,527 left!

I’d better hurry.

Eyelid Pic2

“I’m…a monster…

And God bless the model that demonstrates the product.

She has to listen to how visually disturbing she is until the said product is applied. Then magically she gets to be loveable again… accepted by the human race.

Thank God!

Just when I thought it was over…Neck Rescue comes on.


There is a sticker for your neck.

It’s about time!

Neck Rescue

That’s as tight as she gets.

We can now leave the house again without making anyone want to vomit at the sight of our neck! Who knew this was such a disaster?!

Ohh, perfect for selfies. They’re so excited about this. I’m sure they would be excited about a rock…they found…in the driveway…and it changed their life.

Neck Pic

The difference is astounding!

Well, that’s over now, and these silver balls on a joystick are being touted as something I CAN’T SPEND ANOTHER DAY WITHOUT!

She says It pinches your skin…”Literally, it is pinching my skin.”

 Why would I go another minute without getting my skin pinched? 

They say it’s a HUGE stress reliever.

I’ll leave you with some of their favorite lines.

“Deep satisfaction…”

“I’ll be totally honest with you…”

“Those balls!”

“Oh, look at that ergonomical handle!” (I know that’s not a word.)

“It looks really cool too while you hold it!” (Pretty sure they have run out of things to say about the ball massager at this point.)

“It’s a wonderful experience…in the privacy of your own home.” (Mmmhmm)

“We only have two minutes left and WE…HAVE…TO…GO!”

“It’s free shipping…”

“If you don’t adore this product…”

“It’s a box of OZ…”

Well, I better go and get my credit card so I don’t miss out.

Damn HSN!

Your Prescription’s Ready! Better Call Saul…Doctor’s Orders


pills Just a few short (eternal) weeks ago I went through some serious despair when I had to accept the fact that I was taking my final dose. I was at the end of my obsession/comfort/happy place…addiction, and the bottle was forever empty with no refill in sight. If you are curious check out this post.
Breaking Bad Heisenburg







Well, today is a new day, and Monday nights now offer a surge of anticipation as I pull into my garage, drop my bags on the chair, clear away the evidence of a hectic family of four trying to get out the door on time for work and school, shed my work clothes, pour a glass of wine, grab my remote, turn on my TV and…finally…see that sexy, little red dot that holds the promise of…pure entertainment–my new fix.

I am, of course, talking about Breaking Bad’s spinoff show…Better Call Saul.

Better Call Saul isn’t simply a continuation of the AMC series Breaking Bad, nor is it entirely its own entity. It has a simple, seamless connection to the ground breaking series Breaking Bad (If that is necessary for you to be invested) yet, enough caliber of its own to seduce you, make mad love to you, and keep you begging for more even if you just happen to be a Breaking Bad virgin or just weren’t taken captive like most. (Perish the thought!)

So the question is…Has it been able to deliver so far?


Saul Goodman, the dirty dog lawyer in the bad suit from Breaking Bad (one of my favorite characters) is now the main character in the new show Better Call Saul.

His character, however, is introduced as Jimmy McGill due to the creative spin Vince Gilligan (creator) and Peter Gould (executive producer) have given the show. The show is actually a prequel that goes back six years before he met Walter White a.k.a. Heisenberg (the main character from Breaking Bad).

Bob Odenkirk (Saul) clearly has his work cut out for him considering the success and following Breaking Bad commanded; but so far the series has started out on a strong note and he is keeping up his end of the bargain.

Part of the draw to the show is you feel an immediate intimacy to the character because Bob Odenkirk didn’t miss a beat in the series premiere.

He evokes the kind of emotion in me that makes me want to save him, love him, and, well, reward comfort him through his desperation yet willingness to put it all out there leaving his pride at the door and putting his need to make money front and center.

As his story unfolds we get to take a journey through his life and even find out his lost innocence started out pretty early in life as he tells a story about his childhood when referring to “Slipping Jimmy” the kid who hustled people for money by falling and suing.

Although he does dabble a little with the moral high road, he quickly sinks right back where we want him–need him–playing the role of the seedy lawyer who’s not afraid of a little trouble for the right price.

So, here I am again sitting at ground zero: addicted.

I just hope the refills episodes last as long as the desire for more does. RX

“I’d Plow Your Farm Any Day”


So, this is the please remember me phrase from one of Chris Soule’s (ABC’s The Bachelor) potential wifeys.

Yes it was. I thought she was a complete HoHo, but noooooowwwwwwww….

She’s one of my favorites…gotta love some reality TV.

I know I am not alone in this reality lovin’ goodness. It is an ugly obsession that one doesn’t enjoy admitting, but when one finds others that indeed have slipped up and admitted it–knows that we are bonded together…forever…as people who will always have something to talk about.

Me:  “Do you watch The Bachelor?”

Random Person:  “Ummmmm…”

Me:  “I love it.”

Random Person: “OMG! Me too!”

RTV (that’s my new acronym for reality TV that I just made up in case you were wondering, but know you aren’t, because my readers are without a doubt, unbelievably smart, clever and intelligent) is shocking, unbelievable, disgusting, annoying, ridiculous, mind-numbing, stupid, funny, sad, and addicting.

Can you say that about any other TV show? Well, not including Breaking Bad. Refer to my previous post https://thedailycolonic.com/tag/breaking-bad/ to get my opinion on that. (Spoiler alert! Best show ever!)

RTV is like watching a car wreck complete with shattered glass, blood, dismemberment, and people all around you admonishing you for staring too long.

In fact, If my husband were to ever leave me, you can rest assured my love for RTV would, no doubt, be used against me in a court of law as my husband and lawyer built their case attempting to make me look crazy. Scary thing is…it could work.

So, anywhoo,The Bachelor is one of my absolute favorite RTV shows. It has romance, love, secret rendezvous, tears, scandal, and heartbreak. It is a girl’s dream and (un-admittedly) a man’s way to see what kind of “mojo” the leading man has. I’m also pretty sure it’s not to hard to look at 30 of the most beautiful girls in America throwing themselves at one guy.

This season Chris, a farmer from Iowa, and a “dumpee” on the last season of The Bachelorette, is on his quest to find who he truly believes will be his wife. It’s not completely crazy because it actually has worked out for some of his predecessors, but the odds lean more toward the fact that he will most likely be plowing his own field for quite some time.


Or maybe not…

So, he is clearly a decent looking guy, with a sweet personality to match with the bonus of being sensitive–not in a gag-me-with-a-spoon way but a way that you fantasize about.

This season has not disappointed so far either. It has had the token drunk AND a couple of extra drunks in the wings to fill in as the girls not doing it for Chris get plucked off one by one in a humiliating you ain’t gettin’ a rose ceremony

Now, these extra drunks have truly provided some great entertainment, but I don’t want to get too spoiled because when they’re gone we must rely on the personalities of those that are left. They can range anywhere from the bitch not here to make friends, to the girl who becomes your very best friend but will secretly screw him if she gets half a chance to, and the girl who has no intention of getting married and every intention of getting cozy with the production staff so she can get every bit of screen time as possible to help catapult her career as an actress.

See? Intoxicating. 🙂


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