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Tick Tock

time flies

Life is not a picnic. There are good days and bad–too many of the latter if you ask me. Life is hard and sad and bizarre at times to say the least.

We have control over very little of it.

We do have control over our choices, however.

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the day-to-day emotion of what bothers me, why I am sad, or who has made me sad…instead of what can I do to live this life to the fullest and impact the lives of others in a wonderful way?

I recently read a heart-breaking post from a young woman who within just the past couple of weeks tragically lost her husband in a surfing accident.  As I read the heart-felt, emotional words she had to say about this man she had spent the last fourteen years with and made a family with, I realized I am not really living the life I want to be remembered by when I die.

Scary thought!

The clock’s ticking, time’s wasting, and I’m wondering.

As I read the post I began to wonder what my love would say about me if I were to die tomorrow. Would the memory of me bring about happy moments full of laughter (dearly hope so) and fun that would bring the brawniest, stone-faced hard-hearted man to tears…or  would the memory of me take effort and create discomfort as my love struggled to find funeral appropriate words that would fill in the gaps of an obligatory speech that was delivered and checked off the list on my funeral program?

Then I felt ashamed. Why am I even wondering? Yikes!

How dare I be living a life of blame and sorry for me and anger when I could be living a life that blesses every human being that steps into, on, or near my path?

How dare I be thinking thoughts about who wronged me and who hurt me and who didn’t live up to my expectations when I could be living every day with the single question what can I do to bless someone today?

In the big picture, a life well lived (or not) will be remembered for its effect on people–good, bad, or both.

I want to be remembered for how I made someone feel, and if I am wondering if I have made my fellow teammates on this planet feel anything less than loved, then I have failed…and I have…at some point or another.

It takes only a moment for us to make a choice–to decide this is going to be a good day or bad, to choose to make a difference or not, or to help someone in need or reject the moment.

As a parent I teach my children how to make the right choice.

As a teacher, I tell my students to make the right choice.

As a child of God I am given the ability to make any choice. (That’s exciting–there’s hope in redemption.)

Choosing love is the obvious choice, but words mean nothing without actions. Am I willing to put my heart…pride…time on the line? (I am SUPER selfish with my time.)

It is certainly something to ponder. If you are wondering, maybe you are dealing with the same inner issues as well.

Who knows!

The beauty is, we have choices, and they can begin in this very moment.

I want my legacy to be one of laughter, happiness, and love. Now, I need to live it…

What about you?





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