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Brains vs. Beauty…Really?

Remember the Utah contestant that completely flubbed up her Miss USA interview question about equality between men and women in the workplace?  miss utahDuuuhh……

How about the interview with Miss South Carolina in the Teen USA competition that blew up on YouTube when she was asked why she thought 1 out of five Americans couldn’t locate the USA on a map?

Let me just refresh your memory on this one. It’s worth your time. It went a little something like this… (insert “valley girl” voice…or the great voiceover used for the honey badger on YouTube-narrated by Randall)

“I personally believe that US Americans (??) are unable to do so because some people out there in our nation don’t have maps…and our education like such as in South Africa and “the” Iraq and everywhere like such as…I believe the education..over here should help South Africa and should help “the” Iraq and the Aisians….”

pageant sc

Wow…completely cringe worthy. Continue reading


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