For English, Press 1

telephone operator

Did the hair on the back of your neck just stand up?

Did random thoughts of a telephone, curse words, and the phrase–Good Lord get me someone who speaks English or who would like to wrap this up in preferably under an hour before I permanently destroy my phone and anything in its path in a fit of rage just cross your mind???

We’ve all been there. We have all made the dreaded call to the “Customer Service Rep” that has brought out our inner “Psycho”. psycho_norman

At some point in everyone’s life we are faced with the unfortunate reality that–that call–has to be made.

Whether  it is to dispute a credit card charge or to order  The Magic Bullet from QVC, we at some point or another have broken down and dialed the dreaded 800 number.

When I have found myself in this blood pressure raising position I try to do a few things to offset the impending  fury that is sure to make an appearance such as:

  • having no other distractions like screaming children or TV in the background.
  • being alone (because I want to be free to make a class A arse of myself) in the event that it “gets U-G-L-Y”.
  • And, I try to have one stiff cocktail beforehand as well as one on board in order to calm the nerves quickly simmering just beneath my skin as I dial the number.

Here is an example of a true story that had me giggling…Conversation With My Insurance Company’s Automated Machine.

Do you have any funny stories that are worth sharing?

About Amy Rafferty Slagle

I am a middle school teacher juggling career, husband (ooh la la), and twin tomboys (good grief). I have a passion for writing and crave laughter just about as much as frozen yogurt. This is my attempt at sharing the madness of my world, my mind, and my humor. View all posts by Amy Rafferty Slagle

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